Clever Idea

Free Squash Circuit Training

Nov 20 , 2009 by Matthew Clark

I have written and attached a pdf and word document for a free squash circuit training setup. I have spent some time designing the program for free usage. There are 10-12 separate excercises, ideally for use on a squash court.

Essentially you need to print out the Squach Circuit Training sheets and place them around a squash court.

1. Find out if anyone has any health issues, and make sure if there are juniors that you have followed correct procedures - parent consent forms etc etc.

2. Carry out a warm up. I would recommend something gentle to start off with, eventaully moving into something involving changing direction and finish off with some "active" stretches. Swinging your legs, moving arms, stretching and releasing your quads. "Static" stretches are not viewed on quite so well, especially when you are involved in coaching a moving sport. We need reactive muscles. 5-7 minutes.

3. Position each person at a station, ask the person to read the sheet for each station. Quickly demo anything difficult exercises. Start the program.

4. I would recommend 2 mins per station, with 10 people, that's 20 minutes. Each person should see what the other is doing. Be onhand to make sure everyone is (1) Safe, and then (2) getting the full benefit of the exercise!

5. Depending on time (ie number of people), end with some shuttle runs, perhaps team relay events. Use this time to vary the weeks and keep the interest running. Perhaps work on a particalur movement? 10 mins.

6. Gentle warm down, some stretches. Clear equipment (most courts are 45 minutes)

If your court sessions are 1 hour, then perhaps change stage four to 3 minutes a station.

Attached is the free squash circuit training programs:

word - squash circuit training
pdf- squash circuit training