Clever Idea

TV and Internet in your Kitchen

I spend alot of time in my kitchen, where I have taken up valuable worktop space with an old TV and digital radio.

Viskie have come up with an excellent product giving you TV, internet and radio in your kitchen. The system is a

special glass unit door, that looks like a darkened mirror
quality LG screen built into the glass door
black box about the same size as small TV tuner, running Linux
specialist speakers, connected to the glass door

The small box allows two USB connections, with which you can add a mouse and keyboard. Recommended when you want to configure the unit. The box receives a coax ariel lead, a SCART fitting, plus several video and sound coaxial fittings. Normal control is via a remote control.

You need a single power point, an ariel lead and wifi signal, strong enough to give the Linux box a consistant signal. The glass door replaces a door on your one of your units, discretely and out of the way. Indeed when the TV is powered off, the screen reverts to the glass colour.

The TV playback is fantastic. The sound and pictures are perfect, with an easy to clean hardened glass front. Radio is played via your cable box or by connecting to the internet. Sound performance is also great with speakers using the glass door to broaden the quality.

TV and Internet in your kitchen

November 9, 2009 by M. Clark