Clever Idea

Squash Coaching Tips - Boasting Lesson.

Feb 19 , 2009 by Matthew Clark

What - squash shot where the ball is played into the side wall, so that hit hits the front and heads towards the opposite side wall.
When - when you are defending and the ball is hard to reach/return, or when you are attacking and you want to use the shot to end the rally at the front.

Pupils can play a short drive/lob over their own heads.

How (demonstration)
Body. Shoulder facing towards the back of the court
Bat. Half back swing, hit upwards and direct ball forwards into the side wall, with a good follow through.
Ball. Hit upwards and high enough to hit through the angles.
Make the boast simple, and high for pupils to be able to copy.

It is common for pupils to swing shoulder and body/head through too early with this shot!

4's practice
A can play a simple cross court, and B and boast. A gathers and repeat.
C and D and be in the back corners playing small angled shots to eachother.

3's practice
A is at the back. B and C are left and right near the front corners. B plays a high cross court and A boasts. C plays cross court and A boasts from the other side. For a more advanced practice, B and C can do straight drives. Keep rotating after 3/4 rallies.

2's practice
A plays a simple cross court, B plays a boast and so on. Swap roles, and swap sides of the court.

Coach Feed
Line the pupils up on the "short line" (the horizontal line in the middle of the court). Play a cross court and the pupils can play a boast back. Pupil joins the back of the queue. Try to keep it going, but this depends on how good the pupils are. Make the feed deeper for better pupils.

NB. Why the cross court? It gives improvers as easier angle to follow to boast the ball. A straight shot is harder for starters and improvers.

Conditioned Games
A can only play boasts, B can play drives.
A can play boasts and drops, B can play drives and cross courts.