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Squash Coaching Tips - Drive Boast Drill

May 9 , 2009 by Author

This drill is good to practice the length shots. The pressure is on Player B as they will have to cover all the court.

Two Players...
Player A starts with a serve.
Player B can only drive to with a straight length.
Players A can boast or drive to a straight length.

Teaching Points...
Player A
Keep shoulders still and try not to give any clues as to whether you are driving or boasting. It is a good "pair" of shots that if not read well enough will be effective. Try to regain the T, even though the other player can only drive.

Player B
Dominate the T. Play good lenth shots, tight to the wall. Vary the height and power to allow you to get back to the T, or even to kill the ball at the back.
Maintain a steady movement, not arriving too soon, and have a good body position to drive straight.

Give Player B one "cross court" and for them to practive keeping shoulders still to disguise when they will use it. Only one per rally.