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How to Find those familiar features in Vista.

April 21 , 2009 by BrightCity Limited, Computer Support Bristol

So many annoying things in Windows Vista. Menus have been moved or changed altogether, and yet we all just about learned and could manage with XP. Read this article, and maybe we can answer your questions or remove your moans!

Add/Remove Programs - still in the control panel, but look for the item "Programs and Features" instead.

Display Properties - right click on any empty background on your desktop and click "Personalize".

File Types Windows - gone, use the Default Programs page in control panel.

Menus - the old File, Edit, Help menus are gone from most windows, but to get them back press the ALT key and all will be revealed.

Network Connections - Gone, look to the left of the new Network and Sharing Centre window.

System Properties - gone, but you can type "Systems Properties Advanced" in the search box, or Advanced System Settings icon on the control panel.

Use these Shortcuts to take you where you want to go without loads of menus and clicking. Start run with these command lines. "Windows Key and R" will bring up the run box!

Add Hardware Wizard.....hdwwiz.cpl
Administrative Tools.....control admintools
Adv System Properties.....SystemPropertiesAdvanced.exe
Printers....control printers

How to Find those familiar features in Vista.