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How do I run XP mode Windows 7

Nov 16 , 2009 by Matthew Clark

You will need a PC with Virtual Machine support. I am using a HP DC5750 with an AMD processor. It took me a while to work out that (a) it supports virtualisation and (b) downloading the extra software.

The first thing is to check your PC support Windows 7 XP and run a file (havdetectiontoo.exe). This let you know if your PC supports Virtualisation. You will find that you need to enter the system BIOS to enable virtualisation. For the HP DC5750 it was under the OS Security on the Security tab/menu item.

The Microsoft page below is the starting page for you to download the files you need: Windows XP Mode (500mb) and Windows Virtual PC (10mb). The XP Mode file choice depends on you operating system, 32bit or 64bit etc. I was using this with a 64bit English installation.

click here to download XP Mode direct from Microsoft

500mb is a large file - I am downloading them to go onto a memory stick for future use at customer sites.

I then installed the programs, rebooted and run the XP Mode. I had rejoin the domain as normal with the XP Mode, and then install 32bit Antivirus.

I was able to setup the network printers, but the all in one HP colour would not setup. It was unable to see it.

Another useful link is the Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor..