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How to enforce a computer usage policy

Oct 11 , 2009 by Daniel

We believe that preparing good computer facility usage policies is important, how to enforce these policies is even more important.

So the following steps to ensure we can implement the policy effectively.

1. Communication
The policy needs to be brief, explicit, and attractive. The policy needs to inform users frequently. This is about how to let users know what the policy is, remind them easily and regularly.

2. Procedures
There is procedure to carry out implementation including how to present the policy, how often to remind users about the policy and where the policy should be displayed.

3. Options
Users should have an opportunity to accept or reject the policy. Once they accept the policy, they will have obligation to follow the policy.

4. Consequences
Users should know the consequences for violation of the policies.
Users actions should be logged including when the user read the policy and whether they have accepted or not. The evidence can be presented in a court if it is necessary.